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Custom Fibre Cases and Containers

Vulcanized Fibre can be formed, molded, or riveted into tough, impact and puncture resistant cases to protect valuable instruments, both electronic and musical.

For many decades Fibre Band Instrument Cases have taken all of the abuse baggage handlers can dish out and maintained their form and protected their contents. Vulcanized Fibre cases can resist nails, screwdrivers, box cutters and all types of incidental tool impacts. Vulcanized Fibre cases resist abrasion while being drug across cement floors or stacked into cargo trucks.

Vulcanized Fibre makes excellent, biodegradable, trays and containers for foodstuffs, tobacco trays, automotive parts and general hardware. Unlike many plastic trays, fibre trays will quickly decompose in a landfill. In addition, Vulcanized Fibre is RoHS compliant and contains no harmful ingredients.

Fibre Trunks can still be special ordered from several sources worldwide. Many fibre trunks and cases are still in use after 50-100 years of service. Here are just a couple manufacturers of fibre cases:

Humes and Berg Manufacturing Company

Quality Industries:


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