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Flame Retardant Paper and Fibre

Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre produces several versions of UL-94 VO Flame retardant papers and hard fibre. Our Vulcanized Fibre sheets and rolls are available from .010" up through .093" in both standard 94-HB and upgraded 94-VO properties.

Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre Flame Retardant Vulcanized Fibre is suitable for a variety of electrical insulation, gaskets, electronics and general purpose applications. They are suitable for operating temperatures from 120 C up to 200C (in certain applications).

Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre offers the following grades of Flame Retardant Fibre/Flame Retardant Paper:


UL listed General Purpose Flame Retardant 94-VO with a temperature class of 120C. Excellent arc and track resistance.


Special Moisture Resistant Grade of 94-V1 Flame Retardant Vulcanized Fibre. 1 Hour moisture absorption below 10%. When fully protected by high temperature varnish may be used up to 200C applications.


Pre-coated version of NF-77. This product includes an extra layer of moisture proof and flame retardant urethane coated onto both sides. Outstanding dielectric and flame retardancy.


Pre-coated version of NFK-88. This product includes an extra layer of flame retardant urethane resin on both sides. Improved tracking and arc resistance. Improved moisture resistance. Improved flame retardance. UL 94-V1

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